72nd Independence Day Live Flag Hoisting, Parade 2018

Independence Day Live 2018: This event is celebrated on the day of August 15 every year in India and is known as Independence Day in India. This day is celebrated in Indian to congratulate for getting Independence Day from United Kingdom during the year 1947. So after that day on August 15, our national leaders got Independence and every year we celebrate it to rejoice and be patriotic among ourselves.

Every year we celebrate this day and in India the flag hoisting is done at red fort in Delhi where a chief guest from foreign country is present. On this event the Prime Minister of Indian is the main guest and he address the Indian nation by his speech and also raises the Indian flag at the event. All the proceedings in the event along with the celebrations by showing Military and Police parade, Army vehicle Parade and fireworks are live streamed and broadcasted on Doordarshan and other TV news channels live. You can always watch the Independence Day live 2018 from Doordarshan TV channel live on 15th August 2018.


72nd Independence Day Live Flag Hoisting, Parade 2018

Indian Independence Day Live 2018 On Doordarshan  – Independence Day Live Stream Doordarshan 2018

If you are an Indian then you might want to know how you can the Indian Independence day live stream online or at least on TV if necessary. On 15th August all the popular news channels including Doordarshan will telecast the live Independence Day speech and flag hoisting at the red fort on TV and YouTube live stream of particular channels.  Aaj Tak, Indian Today, Zee News and Doordarshan will be streaming the live Independence Day parade and flag hoisting as well.

Live Independence Day Parade 2018 – 72nd Independence Day Live Parade Delhi 2018

So if you want to watch the live Independence Day parade 2018 for the 72nd Independence day in Indian then you can browse among the below given YouTube channel links. Well we have also mentioned the important and popular Indian news channels that will surely stream the content of Independence Day live parade in Delhi 2018 on their respective channels. But we have also mentioned the channels YouTube channel links where the live stream of 15th august parade in Indian will be shown and can be watched by users from Smartphone and Tablets easily.

Channel S.NO News Channel Name News Channel YouTube Link
1. Aaj Tak https://www.youtube.com/user/aajtaktv/videos
2. Zee News https://www.youtube.com/user/zeenews/videos
3. TV9 Telugu https://www.youtube.com/user/tv9telugulive/videos
4. India Today https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYPvAwZP8pZhSMW8qs7cVCw/videos

72nd Independence Day Live Flag Hoisting, Parade 2018

Indian Independence Day Live Program 2018 – Live Flag Hoisting Delhi 2018 15TH August 2018

At red fort in Delhi, the flag hoisting of Indian national flag is held every year on the account of celebration of Independence Day in India. This year the 72nd Independence Day 2018 celebrations will also be held at the red fort and we can watch the program live on TV channels and YouTube as well. The live flag hoisting in Delhi is a special event because we receive a special foreign chief guest and most of the important members of the country including Prime minister and President will be present.

Flag hoisting is an important aspect and part of Indian Independence Day which is very similar to any other country as well.  After the flag is hoisted by the prime minister then Army parade will begin at the red fort.


Every Indian is patriotic indeed and we show our gratitude to our country in many forms on the day of Independence day 2018 which falls on 15th August. But not everyone can go to Delhi in order to watch the parade and flag hoisting at red fort by Prime Minister Modi Ji. So what we can do is simple watch the live Independence Day 2018 celebrations from TV or on Mobile through YouTube live stream of News channels. We will once again update this post with more information and links of different streaming services and YouTube online streams for this 15th August 2018.


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