72nd Independence Day Chief Guest 2018 Details

72nd Independence Day Chief Guest: Before we get into the list of Chief guests for the event of Independence Day in India we have to learn why this event is celebrated and rejoiced. The reason why Indian is free now is because they have won Independence from British during the year 1947 on the day of 15TH August. And from the day on we all celebrated Indian Independence Day and every year on 15TH August 2018 a national holiday is celebrated all over Indian but many celebrations takes place across the country.

So to mark the celebration of achieving Independence from British Empire we see that every year Independence Day is celebrated at the Red Fort in Delhi. At the Red Fort the celebrations are taken place which includes the important activity of Flag Hoisting by Prime Minister of India. Along with the main activity, police and military perform different entertainment acts, parade and Military vehicle parade is also carried out.


72nd Independence Day Chief Guest 2018 Details

But to answer your question I would say that not only Prime Minister but there are other leaders of India including, President and other ministers who oversee and take part in Independence Day celebrations at the Red Fort. But all the guests are not Chief guests because in Indian every year at Republic a Chief Guest is called from foreign country who is given the honor to see the celebrations sitting along with the Prime Minister and President of India.

Importance Of Indian Independence Day Celebrations 2018

So the answer to this whole topic would be simple because Chief Guest is asked and invited from a foreign country and the one invited is surely going to be an important politician or individual. Last year during the celebration of Indian Republic Day 2017 chief guest was UAW Crown Prince Mohammed bin zayad AL nahyan. So there is no foreign chief guest called during the Independence Day 2018 flag hoisting event. We all have to understand correctly that only on Indian Republic Day a foreign diplomat is called to unfurl the Nation Flag at the Red Fort.

But on the event and celebrations of 15TH August 2018 we can be sure that no foreign person is called because this day is celebrated only to mourn the deaths of millions of Indian who paved the way for a free India. In this way we only ask our Prime Minister, President and other national leaders to unfurl the flag and address the nation.

Who Is the Chief Guest For Indian Independence Day 2018 – 72nd Independence Day Chief Guest Name, Details And Information

So there are going to be guests at the event of Independence Day but there will be no special chief guest since there is no foreign country diplomat or individual is asked to attend the event. Now I am going to list out the important people who are going to attend the 15TH August celebrations at the Red Fort this year 2018.

Independence Day at Red Fort

72nd Independence Day Chief Guest 2018

Guest Post Guest Name
Prime Minister Of India Narendra Modi
President Of India Ram Nath Kovind
Congress Chief Person Rahul Gandhi
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal
High Ranking Army Officials List of Army heads
Police and Fire Fighter Depart Chief Officers and heads
MLA and MP From All regions of India

Previous Years Independence Day Chief Guest List – 15TH August 2018 Chief Guest Name and List

So the two main guests at the 15TH August 2018 celebrations are going to be Prime Minister Modi Ji and the next will be President Ram Nath Kovind. First the Indian Prime Minister will unfurl the Indian National Flag at the Red Fort along with the present guests and then the Prime Minister will give a welcome speech to the nation and address the nation for a better tomorrow. At the same time when the welcome speech for 15TH August 2018 is ended by the PM, the President takes over and he will also give a speech for some period of time.

Main Guest Names Indian Government Post Role At Independence Day Celebration 2018 – 15th August 2018 Role
1.       Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India Flag Hoisting – Unfurl And Welcome Speech
2.       Ram Nath Kovind President Of India Flag Unfurling with PM and Speech

Final Words:

Thank you for reading this article which was about who will be the 72ND Independence Day Chief guest and we already know the answer that there will be no special chief guest. In simple words Independence Day is celebrated on 15th August to mourn and honor the deaths of freedom fighters and to help Indian grow as an united nation for a long time. There is no need for any foreign diplomat for honoring our own country freedom fighters who gave their lives for the good and freedom of the country without any other thoughts. So celebrate this year’s Independence Day 2018 by sharing amazing 15th August Images 2018 with friends and family.

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